Monday, July 30, 2012

First day of a shiny new school year.

Today I began school with a Kindergartener and Second Grader, well planned to anyways.  JR woke up complaining of a tummy ache which grew into a tummy ache and fever.  He spent the day in a daze on the couch and fell asleep as I read The Usborne Children's Encyclopedia's pages about dinosaurs.  EM and I covered him up with a blanket and called it a day. 

EM's enthusiasm and love for learning at home really keep me going.  She is so appreciative of the special things I plan for her that it makes all of the effort worth it.  Josh and I hung "Welcome to 2nd Grade" and "Welcome to Kindergarten" signs for them to find in the morning and she was just tickled.  As I tucked her in to bed tonight she asked if they would still be there in the morning.  We read our first chapter of "The Boxcar Children" before bed tonight and both kids seemed to enjoy it.  EM asked if we could read just a few more pages?!  I'm looking forward to this read-aloud jump starting our year in a good way. 

Now for tomorrow, First Day of Kindergarten (on antibiotics and tylenol), take two.