Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wisconsin Dells 2013 Photo Journal

The annual family vacation to the Dells was a little different this year because we stayed at a resort instead of a campground.  I really missed the campfires and tent sleeping, but my 8 month pregnant body enjoys air-conditioning and a mattress off the ground.  We still had lots of fun!

Mandy and I took a picture of each other so everyone knew we were there!

Grandma and the current babies of the family

LD loves water slides!

Josh and LD waiting for the waves to start.

Kelly and I enjoying some vacation relaxation!

Grandma and Papa with the kids at the bottom of a slide.

Papa and LD

My big kids on the lazy river.  They went around and around.

EM and JR

JR loved crossing these giant lily pads.  He developed quite a technique by the time we left!


LD went down this slide about fifty times!

Happy little swimmer.

Aunt Kelly and EM ready to race!

Grandma - I think she won.

Papa and JR ready to go!

Girls rule!

Anthony and LB on their second car.

Aunt Kelly and her little koala baby crawling through the tunnels.

Anthony's aim was much too good.

Happy guy collecting balls to shoot.

My cutie.

A shot of the whole family.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Our 2013 Florida Vacation in Pictures

Lots of time hanging out at the pool.

All three kids tuckered out from a busy day of driving and swimming.

I could spend Mother's Day like this every year!

Mother's Day at Clearwater Beach, FL

It was beautiful! 

Building sandcastles and digging holes.

EM enjoying the warm waves.

Everyone hanging out in the water.  LD wasn't feeling well this day.  


One of my favorite parts of the trip was having lunch at the dinosaur restaurant in Downtown Disney.  I don't remember the name, but it was a cool experience!

Silly husband, I love him.

Massive aquarium in the restaurant.

EM and me being princesses.

Our family at the Magic Kingdom

The kids all loved the Buzz Lightyear ride!  I think it might be my  favorite too!

You eat lots of food shaped like Mickey's head at Disney.

Ice cream while we wait for the parade.

We finally were able to see some characters!  

Handsome JR waiting to go into the Haunted Mansion.

Josh in Gaston's chair at the tavern.

I wonder what they were talking about?

LD and I went on the train ride around the park while the big kids went on a roller coaster.  He was a little excited!

EM was telling me about the roller coaster she just went on.  I think she liked it.

Jesse and Woody, Howdy, howdy, howdy!


My boys waiting for the fireworks.  I'm not sure what shocked LD, but it's cute.

EM spent hours chasing little lizards this week.

Daytona Beach, FL

Don't let the waves catch you!

Josh and EM doing some surfing.

Baby and I on the beach.

JR on the beach.

We had lots of fun searching for jellyfish!

Long line at Disney's Universal Studios.

Almost there!

I think he's a little sleepy.

Pretty girl.

It's nothing short of magical watching fireworks over Cinderella's Castle.

The whole crew at Universal Studios.

The "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" play area is always a hit!