Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wisconsin Dells 2013 Photo Journal

The annual family vacation to the Dells was a little different this year because we stayed at a resort instead of a campground.  I really missed the campfires and tent sleeping, but my 8 month pregnant body enjoys air-conditioning and a mattress off the ground.  We still had lots of fun!

Mandy and I took a picture of each other so everyone knew we were there!

Grandma and the current babies of the family

LD loves water slides!

Josh and LD waiting for the waves to start.

Kelly and I enjoying some vacation relaxation!

Grandma and Papa with the kids at the bottom of a slide.

Papa and LD

My big kids on the lazy river.  They went around and around.

EM and JR

JR loved crossing these giant lily pads.  He developed quite a technique by the time we left!


LD went down this slide about fifty times!

Happy little swimmer.

Aunt Kelly and EM ready to race!

Grandma - I think she won.

Papa and JR ready to go!

Girls rule!

Anthony and LB on their second car.

Aunt Kelly and her little koala baby crawling through the tunnels.

Anthony's aim was much too good.

Happy guy collecting balls to shoot.

My cutie.

A shot of the whole family.

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